National Champions – again!

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We did it again - we are the National Champion Youth Band for the second year running! A really difficult test piece in The Saga of Tyrfing, and we were up against some pretty serious opposition. We pulled it off though, and were delighted to hear those magic words "and in first place, the band that played at number x Youth Brass 2000"! Here's what 4barsrest had to say about us:

"Youth Brass 2000 underlined their high class credentials ahead of their forthcoming trip to the European Youth Championship in Freiburg, with a thrilling victory in the Blue Riband Championship Section.

Directed by Chris Jeans, they not only retained the title they won last year, but also made it a ‘National/British Open’ double with a programme that balanced a dramatic account of the set work, ‘The Saga of Tyrfing’, with the bold opening fanfare of ‘Deo Gloria’ and the subtle lyricism of ‘Best Instrumentalist’ award winner Thomas Fountain on ‘Idyll on an Irish Folk Tune’.

That sets us up to represent England at the European contest in May - definitely something to look forward to!

Can we do it again in 2016 to gain a hat trick? We'll have to wait and see!

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