Blackpool – what a result!!!!!

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On the weekend of the 12th to 14th of February, the band travelled to Blackpool for the National Youth Entertainment Championships in attempt to reclaim the title as the most entertaining youth band in the country. After hours of rehearsing on the Saturday, we successfully competed and won the competition on the 14th February! The band played a set called Beyond the Tamar, by Philip Harper, and also included Scherzo for motorcycle and orchestra from Indianan Jones. This set saw the band pick up the most entertaining Item in Indian Daybreak, featuring Adam Hebditch (Principal Cornet) on flugel. The programme helped the band secure 2nd entertainment and 1st music which made us the highest placed band overall. Because of this success, the band will now travel to Gateshead in November to perform at the prestigious Brass in Concert Championships, which is the adult entertainment competition, so we won’t be competing but we will play before the results.

Ben Smith

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