National Youth Champion Band 2023!!!

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Yes, we did it again! We have been crowned Youth Champion Band 8 times in a row now! We have actually held the title for 10 years, but the contest didn’t take place in 2020 & 2021 due to covid. We have worked incredibly hard in the run up to the contest, with our 1st “run out” of our performance taking place in a concert at the Corby Cube theatre. Following that performance there were a few “tweaks” to make here & there, but at the rehearsal on the Wednesday evening before the contest, Chris Jeans declared “We are ready”! The result confirms that we were indeed ready!

So, our next major event is our participation in the European Championships in Malmo, Sweden, over the weekend of May 6th & 7th. Can we pull this one off? Watch this space……….


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