British National Youth Champions 2016!

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Youth Brass 2000 complete the Grand Slam of British Youth Championships!

We did it – by winning the National Youth Championships we’ve pulled off a hat trick, winning this contest three years in a row and completing the 2016 grand slam of British youth championships! We were up against some very fierce opposition in the championship section of this contest. Not only did we impress the adjudicators – Dr Brett Baker and Dr David Thornton – enough to award us the Championship, but look what the composer of the test piece Mansions of Glory – Jonny Bates – had to say about us:

“Well, @YouthBrass2000, that’s gotta be up there with the best performances of my music ever. Simply brilliant corner to corner” (Jonny Bates)

Along with the National Youth Brass Band Entertainment Championships in Blackpool, this is the sternest UK contest any Youth Band can take part in. All the participating bands play to an exceptionally high standard, which reflects the dedication of both players and conductors to perform at this level. There are many adult bands out there that would give anything to get anywhere near this standard!

This win means that we are now the reigning British Open, British Mineworkers’, British Entertainment and British National Champions; completing a “grand slam” of UK championships.  Furthermore we are now due to represent England at the European Championships in Ostend in 2017. However, before that we have the European Championships this year to prepare for! No time for resting on our laurels!

There are a few more pictures in our Gallery.

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  1. Maralyn Arnull
    | Reply

    Fantastic news! Very proud of you all – and what a wonderful endorsement by Jonny Bates.

    • Dave Culpin
      | Reply

      Thanks Maralyn. It certainly was a ‘good day at the office!’.

  2. YB2K admin
    | Reply

    Thanks Maralyn – you’re our very first Reply contributor! Yes, it certainly was a day to remember!

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