Music for Youth 2016

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We’re absolutely delighted to have been invited to perform as part of the Schools’ Prom on Wed Nov 16th. See you there!

This was a simply amazing event! Pictures etc coming soon!

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  1. Brian Adams
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    Really pleased you have qualified for the Music for Youth proms this year. You fully deserve it after dominating Youth banding this year.
    However, after reading an article on British Bandsman online I would like to highlight that you aren’t the only brass band chosen to perform; as the person from your organisation informed the website. Houghton Area Youth Band are performing on the Monday evening at the proms. We are 1st to perform on the main stage in the first half and then we are opening the 2nd half of the concert by playing Prismatic Light from the Gallery area of the Royal Albert Hall. All our players are really looking forward to the experience and as the conductor of the band I also can’t wait!
    I think in different ways we will both make the youth brass band movement proud with our performances. Good luck for the Wednesday night.

  2. Chris Stephenson
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    Hello Brian – many thanks for your kind comments – yes, our band is absolutely over the moon about Music for Youth, as I’m sure yours is! The comment was from our chairman Don Collins – he probably got carried away in the moment! I’m sure what he meant to say was that we are the only band taking part on the Wednesday! I’m delighted that you also been selected to open the 2nd half from the gallery – what an honour for you!
    Have a fantastic time at the RAH, it certainly is something for all our young players to look back on in the years to come.
    Best wishes to you and Houghton Area Youth Band from Youth Brass 2000.
    Chris N Stephenson – Youth Brass 2000 admin manager.

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