During December this year we were delighted - and very honoured - to have Mr Peter Graham spend some time with us. Mr Graham is a very well know composer, particularly in brass band circles. We have played lots of his music before, and decided to use one of his latest compositions at one of our contests in 2010, and he very kindly offered to come along and run through it with us. Who better to show us how it should be played than the composer himself! We started his time with us by playing his "Call of the Cossacks" as we played it at Blackpool - he was seriously impressed! We then went on to play our proposed Blackpool 2010 contest piece, which he helped us with enormously - Chris Jeans was to be seen making copious notes all the way through. Last of all, he brought with him a new piece he had just finished - which was brilliant! Only one other band in the world had played this it was so new, and he said we picked it up much faster than they did! He also gave us quite a few tips on how to compose a piece like this - we need to give it a try! Our sincere thanks must go to Mr Graham for spending time with us - we all leant so much in the time he was with us. Here are a few pictures of the day in progress.

After the session with Mr Graham we had a party! It had been such a busy, successful year, it was time to let our hair down a bit! Scroll down to see the party game pictures!