We did it - we won the Action Medical Research Youth Brass Band Entertainment Contest! We were 1st in music, 2nd in entertainment, which gave us enough points to be clearly the Champion Band! We also won the Best Deportment prize, Alice walked away with the Best Soloist prize, and as we were the overall winner, Chris Jeans lifted the Winning Band Conductor trophy. We came away with no less than 6 wonderful trophies. We had all worked really, really hard for this event, but the hard work paid off in a very big way! Both adjudicators were blown away by us. Clearly, Chris had chosen just the right music for us in Peter Graham's "Call of the Cossacks". Everything in our performance went according to plan - the costumes were great, we all remembered where we needed to stand and to move to, and of course, the music was simply awesome. An amazing weekend that will live on in our memories for a very long time! Don't forget to scroll down - there are lots of pictures!