British Bandsman review of Butlins 2017

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Here's what British Bandsman had to say about our Butlins 2017 performance!

"5. Youth Brass 2000 (Chris Jeans)

A stunning opener from defending champion Youth Brass 2000, Philip Harper’s ‘Beyond the Tamar’ displaying what is an incredibly rich sound for such a young ensemble. The second piece is even better, some intricate choreography not in any way detracting from a not insignificant level of musicianship. MD Chris Jeans is in total control, he continues to have the recipe which sees this band succeed so often, it has such a confident, mature sound.

Philip Sparke’s ‘Music from Tombstone’, featuring some excellent percussion work, preceeds William Himes’ hymn tune ‘Ellacombe’. To begin with, the back row cornets display a remarkable confidence in standing to deliver the theme in unison, manys a senior band would not consider such a move!

Youth Brass 2000 now reverts back to Philip Harper’s ‘Beyond the Tamar’ with the African ‘Tongoyo’ the entire band chanting along with percussion and tribesman! Clever and effective. The programme comes to an end with Sparke’s ‘Marcho Brioso’ and Chris Jeans quite rightly milks the applause. This was most entertaining and most enjoyable."

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