Membership and Attendance

As a member of Youth Brass 2000, you will be expected to attend rehearsals on a regular basis, and to make every effort to be available for contests and concerts, as determined by the Band Management. You will also be required to keep your availability information up to date, using whichever process is in use at the time. The Band Management must be notified of any short-notice absences due to illness etc, in order for them to be able to arrange a deputy (dep) if necessary.

Behavioural Standards

As a member of Youth Brass 2000, high standards of behaviour & conduct are expected of you at all times. This Code of Conduct has been drawn up in order to protect the good name of Youth Brass 2000, & to ensure that all members of the band are kept safe. The leadership & committee reserve the right to either suspend transgressors from any event, or require them to leave the band. Instances of misconduct may be reported to parents / guardians of the band member(s) concerned.

Code of Conduct

  • Instructions given by Youth Brass 2000 leadership must be followed without delay or argument.
  • Youth Brass 2000 contains players of varying age groups. Different directives may be given according to age group – eg bedtimes when staying overnight – these directives must be adhered to without question.
  • Different physical boundaries may be set at events depending upon age group. These must be adhered to without question.
  • Alcohol – under-age drinking is not permitted. Alcohol is not allowed in bedrooms under any circumstances.
  • Smoking – smoking is not permitted at any time at any band event.
  • Drugs – No player may take, receive or possess any illegal substance. The band leadership must be advised of the use of prescribed drugs for medical purposes.
  • Conduct (behaviour & language) – high standards are expected of you at all times. Youth Brass 2000 is a highly regarded band with an enviable reputation in the eyes of the public. Player(s) indulging in conduct which is likely to damage this reputation will be dealt with at the discretion of the band leadership.
  • Punctuality – players must notify band leadership of their availability or changes to their availability (via Teamstuff, e-mail or phone call) in advance. Players must aim to ensure they are punctual for rehearsals and events.


All band members are required to pay a monthly subscription which is currently £15/month. This subscription runs from the 1st day of the calendar month. The subscription may be varied from time to time at the discretion of the Band Committee. This can be paid monthly by cash or cheque, but payment by a BACS regular payment to the band’s subscription account is encouraged. Account details will be provided upon request.There is no minimum terms of membership.

When the band takes part in contests etc there is often a charge for coach travel, hotel accommodation, additional items of uniform (polo shirts etc). Details of this cost will be made clear well before the event. Payment for such items may be made by BACS into the band’s “events” account (details upon request), or by cash or cheque handed to a committee member at a rehearsal. We do however encourage you to pay by debit or credit card if possible using the function available via the links to the “Easyregisters” website. Your financial account within the Easyregisters system is immediately updated when paying by this method.