Feb 4th 2007 saw us at our annual "Masterclass" at Leicester Grammar School. We were very fortunate to secure the expert services of Anne Armstrong (Black Dyke Band) on percussion, Dave Thornton (Black Dyke Band) on euphonium, Nathan Waterman (Enderby band) on horns, Mike Poyser (freelance tuba player) on basses, and Matt Gee (Northern Symphony Orchestra - he used to be in Youth Brass!) on trombones. Add to those the services of our own Peter Collins and Chris Jeans, and the result was a day to remember!

We started off by having a bit of a warm up, then we ran through our Blackpool programme. Next, we went down into the gym, where Georgie set about trying to get us to move smoothly from position to position! Chris then did some tweaking here & there to try and get things just right, then after lunch we did another run through for the tutors who had now joined us. We then went into our Masterclasses with our tutors, and spent the afternoon soaking up their expertise. Afterwards when we did another run through, the difference was amazing! Tea followed, then we got ready for our concert, which we shared as usual with Leicester Grammar School. Certainly a day to remember! Here are some pictures of the day in progress.