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Want to wallow in nostalgia?  Want to show the family some of your favourite Youth Brass Moments?  Maybe you are thinking of joining the band and would like to see what we have been up to?

Below are a selection of classic clips from Youth Brass 2000 tours, concerts and contests from before 2013.  We expect to add to this collection as we find more material.  Please do get in touch if you have some vintage Youth Brass 2000 clips!

This was a great year for us. Its 2009 and we won the National Youth Brass Band Entertainment Championship, held in Blackpool. We played "The Cossack" in full Cossck uniform! We also had a brilliant tour to France & Belgium - along with a trip to Disneyland Paris!

Now a couple of clips from our 2010 tour to France and Belgium...

This is day 2 of our tour - rehearsal as ever, then a performance at the Cloth Hall, Ypres, and a very memorable and dignified short performance in support of the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate

Let's go all the way back to our 2007 tour to France and Belgium... Make sure you take a look "Cafe de la Tour"! We were heading back to Calais for the ferry, & were due to perform in a park. However, it was raining & windy, so the concert was called off. On our way through the town, we spotted a cafe called "Cafe de la Tour". We stopped, Don jumped out & asked the cafe owner if he would like a short performance! He said "yes please", so we piled off the coach, the proprietor moved all the chairs & tables & we performed! This was undoubtedly one of the highlights!

Let's go right back to 2006 now, to another "best tour ever"! This year it was Germany, with a trip to Holland.

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