2014 saw us win the National Championships for the first time and tour to Spain!

We made history in 2014, we claimed the first national championships victory in the band's history and kickstarted a "golden era".  To date we have won every National title since 2014 - that's 5 in a row at time of writing (2018)!
Before this though we competed at the National Youth Entertainment Championships in Blackpool, a favourite for the band where we finished in third place.
Back in February 2014, it was of course The National Youth Brass Band Entertainment Championships at Blackpool. This year we did an Irish-themed set, complete with Irish dancers! Here's a clip of Breakout from Cry of the Celts by Peter Graham, with the Irish dancers and flugel horn soloist Bryony Wong.
During at least one concert from our tour, Chris Jeans manages to entice an unsuspecting audience member to take his baton and conduct the band! Here's the band playing I will follow him with a lady plucked from the crowd! She really enjoys it far too much! Watch for the moves in the big tempo change!

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