Data Protection within Youth Brass 2000

All groups need to hold a certain amount of data about their members in order to function effectively. Groups involving children need to secure a little more data than those with purely adults, as not only do such groups need to be able to discharge their duty of care to the children, they also need to hold data in order to comply with Child Performance Regulations. At Youth Brass 2000 we take protection of personal data very seriously, and have policies and procedures in place to make sure the data we do necessarily hold is held securely, and in an encrypted format. It is only available to those band officers who have a legitimate need to access the data. Any emails containing personal data are transmitted in an encrypted format via a secure server, and the collection of such data is carried out using an online form, again via an secure server.

Please use the links below to inspect our Data Protection Policy, and our Data Protection Statement.

Here is our Data Protection Policy.

and here is our Data Privacy Notice.